Power Maxim – 60

  • 330 Wp mono SILVER
  • 325 Wp mono BLACK

SMART! Full power, no matter what happens!

KIOTO Modules of the MAXIM series aren´t just intelligent, it is the perfect solution for systems with potential shading, pollution or suboptimal orientation. Single-string connections and the clever Maxim can enable the control of every single cell row. The intelligent junction box is compatible with every inverter.


  • Efficient:
    • More efficiency thanks to 6-times optimization 
    • Single-string connection and Maxim junction box enable the regulation of every single cell row
    • No loss of power because of shadowing
  • Easy:
    • Compatible with every inverter
    • No additional equipment necessary
    • Module optimizes itself
  • Flexible:
    • Can be installed with every orientation
    • Suitable for all roofs
  • Durable:
    • Elimination of Hot Spots optimized module degradation, module life-time is increased